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PHP web app development frameworks
The web app development landscape constantly evolves, and PHP remains a chief significance. When you think of web app development for your business you need to think of several types of web app development frameworks. But firstly PHP comes to your mind for its open-source nature, and its vast community make it a top choice for designing dynamic web experiences.

What is PHP Frameworks?

Before going to part of PHP frameworks for web app development we need to understand PHP frameworks. From enhancing productivity to providing scalability, PHP frameworks offer features that convert your business into a digital web presence.

Top 10 PHP Frameworks for web app development in 2024

When you finalise PHP for your next custom web app development project it creates a situation to confirm the framework. But not to worry about that our detailed informative blog gives you ideas to select the best PHP framework for website development. So, without wasting time let’s discuss the best PHP web frameworks:


Laravel web development

Laravel is the front-end PHP web framework for creating expressive features in websites. As an open-source PHP web application framework, Laravel is the latest but has several features. Laravel PHP framework is famous for scalable, and maintainable custom web app development.

  • High Security
  • Template Engine
  • MVC architecture
  • Artisan
  • OOP Libraries and Modular Web Apps


symfony framework
Symfony is an old and popular PHP MVC framework for custom web app development, APIs and microservices. Symfony is a developer’s favourite PHP framework for building perfect websites and applications.
  • Modular Component System
  • Multiple database support
  • Doctrine ORM
  • Professional Support
  • Easy debugging
  • Twig Templating Engine
  • Flexible

Cake PHP

Cake PHP framework
Cake PHP is one the most popular, free and open-source PHP frameworks that deliver rapid web applications. This framework creates many extensions that make your many tasks automated. Its focus on code clarity and rapid development makes it a perfect fit for quick custom web app development. As a leading PHP web app development company choose the Cake PHP framework.
  • Built-in validation and authentication
  • Built-in ORM for database abstraction
  • Code generation tools for faster development
  • Convention over configuration approach for easier development
  • Flexible and extensible architecture
  • Active and supportive community



The open-source PHP website development framework is used for dynamic website development. CodeIgniter is the fastest PHP framework for small project development with minimal configuration.

  • Speed
  • Light Footprint
  • Flexible – both MVC and non-MVC support
  • Security
  • Caching


Zend framework
For enterprise-level web application development, Zend is a popular PHP framework. However, the Zend is not ideal for fast development but it’s used by experienced developers for Laminas Project.
  • Extensible MVC architecture
  • Multiple database support
  • Use-at-will architecture
  • Supports RPC and REST services
  • Secure

Yii 2

Yii 2 1
Yii 2 PHP framework is an open-source and component-based MVC PHP web framework. That is famous for the fast installation of their extension. In trending security is the most common topic, hence the Yiii 2 PHP framework provides robust security to developers.
  • MVC architecture
  • Supports Caching
  • High performance and security
  • Multiple database support
  • Run third-party code


Slim framework

The Micro Framework Slim is ideal for developing web Apps and APIs, easily and quickly. This framework needs minimal steps for installation which makes it faster for custom web app development. As a Lightweight PHP framework, Silm is used to create RESTful APIs and services.

  • URL routing
  • Cookie encryption
  • Supports PSR-7
  • Extensible first and third-party components


Phalcon framework
As a full-stack PHP framework, Phalcon boosts MVC architecture. Phalcon has a unique feature of compiled C extension, so the code isn’t directly interpreted by PHP. Phalcon is the best PHP framework for developing a fast and secure web application.
  • Fast performance due to its C extension
  • Low resource usage and efficient memory management
  • Built-in dependency injection
  • MVC architecture
  • Advanced caching and templating features

Fuel PHP

Fuel PHP
Fuel PHP is an open-source PHP framework for developing microservices, APIs and online web applications. Its comprehensive feature set and MVC architecture make it suitable for a variety of PHP web app development projects.
  • MVC architecture
  • Built-in ORM and template engine
  • Supports HMVC architecture
  • Built-in caching and validation
  • Modular architecture for easy extension and customization


PHPixie framework
If you need a dynamic tool for building high-performance backends, PHPixie fills a point, ensuring your application rocks the rhythm of the web. PHPixie is a microframework for developing scalable, secure and fast web apps. PHPixie provides high-performance features to enterprise web apps as well as small applications.
  • Focuses on Page Speed & Load-Time
  • Stable & Adaptable Architecture
  • Composer Class Map Generation
  • MongoDB Support
  • Unit Tested
  • Inbuilt Authentication

How to Choose the Best PHP Frameworks for Your Business?

When you want to develop a web application development and come to choosing a PHP framework for development, there are many things are come to your mind. Because each frameworks have unique features, pros and cons. Here are some points we have described that can easily help you choose PHP frameworks for custom web app development:


Popularity is one of the most important things when choosing PHP frameworks. The developers choose only those frameworks that provide robust, easy and secure development features. That makes the framework popular. So first check how popular the framework is and choose after as per your requirements.


Selecting a PHP framework depends on your project requirements and timeline. Each framework has unique features, but picking one framework with more features makes your task easier and your requirements easier. Outreach the framework’s features and compare it with your project which makes it easier for selection.


By understanding your needs and leveraging the strengths of these top PHP frameworks, you can develop the web application which will move your business in 2024. Hire a Custom PHP web app development company that navigates you easily for selecting and developing web applications with a suitable PHP framework. Curious to know which framework is perfectly converts your business ideas to a digital platform? Contact us now! We can help you to drive your success.

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