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What sets this app apart are its distinctive features!


User Registration and Profiles

Allow passengers and drivers to create profiles with personal information, contact details, and payment preferences.

Ride Booking

Allow passengers to book rides by specifying pick-up and drop-off locations. Passengers can choose the type of vehicle, view fare estimates, and confirm bookings.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Implement GPS tracking to enable users to track the location of available cabs in real-time. This feature also provides passengers with estimated arrival times.

Multiple Payment Options

Offer various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and cash, to accommodate diverse passenger preferences.

Fare Estimation

Provide passengers with estimated fares for their trips based on distance, time, and chosen vehicle type before they confirm their bookings.

Vehicle Options

Offer a variety of vehicle options, including standard, premium, and shared rides, to cater to different passenger needs and budgets.

Driver Verification and Background Checks

Ensure the safety of passengers by conducting driver background checks and verifying their credentials before allowing them to register.

Promo Codes and Discounts

Provide passengers with the option to apply promo codes or discounts to reduce the cost of their rides.

Driver Ratings and Reviews

Allow passengers to rate and review drivers after each trip, helping maintain service quality and accountability.

Ride History and Receipts

Enable passengers to access ride history, view receipts, and download invoices for expense reporting purposes.

Multilingual Support

Offer the app in multiple languages to cater to a diverse user base, including tourists and international travelers.

Emergency Assistance

Include an emergency button that passengers can press to alert authorities or share their ride details with trusted contacts in case of emergencies.


Driver Earnings and Reports

Enable drivers to track their earnings, view trip reports, and access financial statements within the app.

Surge Pricing Notifications

Notify passengers of surge pricing during peak hours or high-demand periods, ensuring transparency in fare calculations.

Driver Navigation Assistance

Provide drivers with in-app navigation tools to optimize routes and reduce travel time.

Driver and Passenger Ratings

Allow drivers to rate passengers, promoting respectful behavior and accountability among both parties.

In-App Advertising and Promotions

Utilize the app as a platform for advertising and promotions, allowing businesses to reach a targeted audience of passengers during their rides.

Privacy and Data Security

Assure users that their personal information and payment details are secure through robust data encryption and privacy measures.

Cabs App Modules

Cab User Application

In a Cab user app, users can select their cab type and destination, make secure payments, and manage their accounts for a seamless booking experience.

Cab Driver Application

In the cab driver app, drivers can view incoming ride requests, navigate to pick-up and drop-off locations, manage their accounts, and receive online payments.


Our Project Timeline

Design Phase

[3 Weeks*]
During this phase, our design team will create visual concepts, wireframes, UI designs, and ensure a seamless user experience.

Development Phase

[13 Weeks*]
Once the design is approved, Our development team will code, build, and integrate all the above features.

Testing and Quality Assurance

[2 Weeks*]
Before launch, Our development team will bring your project to life through coding, building, and feature integration. We'll ensure your project is robust and functional.


[1 Weeks*]
After successful testing, We'll expertly and efficiently handle the seamless deployment, ensuring your project reaches your intended audience effectively.


[1 Weeks*]
After successful testing, We'll handle the deployment, making your project easily accessible to your target audience, ensuring a smooth launch.

Note: One week consists of 5 working days for development purposes.

Our Pricing Plan

Starting Packages

9600 /8000 USD
  • Figma
  • Android & iOS Mobile app

Monthly Support

Min 40 Hours / Per month
  • 40 Hours / Per Month = 800 USD.
  • 80 Hours / Per Month = 1500 USD.
  • 160 Hours / Per Month = 2500 USD.

Beautiful interface

Aesthetic, intuitive, and functional interfaces enhance user experiences and ease task completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs provide quick and easy answers to common inquiries,
reducing the need for additional customer support.

Is my payment information secure in the app?

Yes, we prioritize the security of your payment information. We use encryption technology to safeguard your data and ensure secure transactions.

How can I track the location of available cabs in real-time?

You can track available cabs by opening the app and viewing the map. It will display the real-time locations of nearby drivers.

Can I choose the type of vehicle for my ride?

Yes, you can select the type of vehicle that suits your needs and budget during the booking process.

What payment methods are accepted in the app?

We accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and cash, to provide flexibility to our users.

Can I get a fare estimate before booking?

Yes, you can view an estimated fare for your trip before confirming your booking. This helps you plan your budget accordingly.

Can I report a driver for any issues?

Yes, you can report any issues or concerns about a driver through the app. We take all reports seriously and investigate them promptly.

Can I request an invoice for business expenses?

Yes, you can generate an invoice for business expenses by selecting the ride and requesting an invoice through the app. You can then download it for your records.

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