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On-Demand Home Services Made Easy


What sets this app apart are its distinctive features!


User Registration and Profiles

Allow users to create profiles with personal information, location, and contact details to access services.

Service Categories

Categorize services into various categories such as plumbing, electrical, cleaning, beauty, fitness, and more for easy navigation.

Service Provider Listings

Provide listings of service providers, including their profiles, ratings, reviews, and availability.

GPS Location Tracking

Implement GPS tracking to help service providers locate users' addresses accurately.

Secure Payments

Integrate secure payment processing for users to pay service providers directly through the app.

Marketing and Promotions

Run marketing campaigns and offer promotional discounts to attract users and service providers.

Real-Time Booking

Enable users to book services in real-time by selecting the desired service, date, time, and location.

Appointment Scheduling

Allow users to schedule appointments for services at their convenience and receive confirmation notifications.

Admin Dashboard

Create an admin dashboard for platform management, service provider verification, and analytics.

Insurance and Warranty

Provide options for users to purchase insurance or warranties for services, ensuring quality and reliability.

Loyalty Programs

Implement loyalty programs or referral programs to reward frequent users and encourage them to refer others.

Partner Integration

Integrate with third-party services such as map navigation, payment gateways, and background check providers.


Booking History

Allow users to view their booking history, including past and upcoming appointments.

Identity Verification

Verify the identity of service providers to build trust among users.

In-App Messaging

Include a messaging system for communication between users and service providers to discuss job details and requirements.

Emergency Services

Include an emergency service category for urgent home service requirements, such as plumbing or electrical issues.

Multilingual Support

Offer the app in multiple languages to cater to a diverse user base.

Privacy and Data Security

Implement strong data privacy and security measures to protect user information and payment details.

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Our Project Timeline

Design Phase

[3 Weeks*]
During this phase, our design team will create visual concepts, wireframes, UI designs, and ensure a seamless user experience.

Development Phase

[7 Weeks*]
Once the design is approved, Our development team will code, build, and integrate all the above features.

Testing and Quality Assurance

[2 Weeks*]
Before launch, Our development team will bring your project to life through coding, building, and feature integration. We'll ensure your project is robust and functional.


[1 Weeks*]
After successful testing, We'll expertly and efficiently handle the seamless deployment, ensuring your project reaches your intended audience effectively.


[1 Weeks*]
After successful testing, We'll handle the deployment, making your project easily accessible to your target audience, ensuring a smooth launch.

Note: One week consists of 5 working days for development purposes.

Our Pricing Plan

Starting Packages

7800 /6500 USD
  • Figma
  • Android & iOS Mobile app

Monthly Support

Min 40 Hours / Per month
  • 40 Hours / Per Month = 800 USD.
  • 80 Hours / Per Month = 1500 USD.
  • 160 Hours / Per Month = 2500 USD.

Beautiful interface

Aesthetic, intuitive, and functional interfaces enhance user experiences and ease task completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs provide quick and easy answers to common inquiries,
reducing the need for additional customer support.

How do I create a user profile on the app?

To create a user profile, follow these steps:
Download and install the app.
Open the app and click on the “Sign Up” or “Register” button.
Fill in your personal information, including your name, contact details, and location.
Complete the registration process, and your profile will be ready to use.

How can I find the specific service I need among the categories?

You can easily find the service you need by browsing through the categorized service listings on the app. Simply click on the category that matches your requirement, and you’ll see a list of service providers in that category.

How do I book a service in real-time?

To book a service in real-time, follow these steps:
Browse the service provider listings and select the one you prefer.
Choose the service, date, time, and location for your appointment.
Confirm your booking, and you’ll receive a notification with the appointment details.

Can I schedule appointments for services at a later time or date?

Yes, you can schedule appointments for services at your convenience. Simply select the “Appointment Scheduling” option, choose the desired date and time, and you’ll receive confirmation notifications.

How can I leave a rating and review for a service provider?

After receiving a service, you can leave a rating and review for the service provider through the app. Your feedback will help others make informed decisions.

Is there a way to communicate with the service provider before booking?

Yes, the app includes an in-app messaging system that allows you to communicate with service providers to discuss job details, requirements, or any questions you may have.

Are payments secure on the app?

Yes, we have integrated secure payment processing to ensure that your payments are safe and protected. You can pay service providers directly through the app.

How can I contact customer support if I have any issues or inquiries?

You can contact our customer support team through chat, email, or phone to address any issues, inquiries, or concerns you may have.

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